The New Wine Barn in New Jersey

The New Wine Barn in New Jersey

Terhune Orchards produces 34 kinds of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, adding two more products and a facility for production wasn’t hard. But when the new fruit is grapes, it takes more than just planting seeds under the soil. Furthermore, a winery adds a new dimension of complexity in the farming industry.

Pam and Gary Mount first established Terhune Orchards in 1975. Grapes was only added to their repertoire last 2006. They reserved 4.5 acres for 12 species of grapes. In 2010, they released their first wine. The following year, the Mounts planned to install a new building to accommodate wine production as well as a tasting room. Five years later, Terhune’s “wine barn” was opened to the public.

The 3,500-square-foot structure was built by Amish contractors. The ceilings are high enough to fit 11 Albrigi jacketed tanks. The Borelli bottling at the end of the large room allows passersby to observe the happenings inside, as they make their way to other barns in the farm.

Overhead, several hoses can spray 180° F water, and as needed, in the area of production. There’s a second room, a refrigerated area that’s used to store case goods or plastic toted wine. On the second floor, visitors can find the utilities for the building and even more space for storage.

There is one more project for the barn: solar panels. The solar panels will provide the barn enough power, as well as power other facilities in the farm. The project is said to be completed by 2016’s end. 

Though Terhune Orchards had a system to wash water from the apple cider facility, they still installed a system that utilizes wastewater from cider and winemaking facilities to irrigate the crops. The Mounts acquired several advantages over their competitors by simply commencing wine-production.

Though the farm at first only grew apples, peaches and pears, Terhune Orchards now has four farms across 200 acres. They also have staff to prune, spray, or pick grapes. As a farm where you can hand-pick produce from the plants themselves, and with events all-year round, Terhune Orchards receive half a million guests per year.

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