The First Wine in a Can in Ontario

The First Wine in a Can in Ontario

The appellation is one of the most important things to place on a wine bottle’s label. To be known is the crux of the issue, and the appellation is simply the address of the wine; the place where the grapes were produced. This detail gives an oenophile valuable knowledge of the contents of the bottle or can!

A can of wine may not be popular today, but that day will come. Wine is becoming more and more popular in cans. Barokes Wines, a winery based in Australia, claims to be the first to sell canned wine in 1996. Francis Ford Coppola Winery, based in California, sold canned Sophia Blanc du Blanc in 2004. Today, Greg and Yannick Wertsch, the proprietors of Between the Lines Winery in Ontario, together with partners Philip Chae and Lucian Cao, have just released their own canned wine: Origin sparkling more about wine at

Greg and Yannick were 25 and 22 years old, respectively, when they established Between the Lines way back in 2010. They were the youngest wine makers, but they had academic knowledge by attending wine making schools in Germany and Ontario for the last ten years. They started their winery by renting a building on the farm of their parents, and obtaining an investor who covered the tanks, labels, and glassware. They launched the company in November, 2011.

As the business started, the brothers produced wine that’s familiar with everybody; they used ingredients that came from famous places in the world. But they were disappointed with their yields in making wine for Ontario that was much preferred in other regions. They decided to alter their path. “We wanted to create something that would be “Ontario” for a long time,” Greg said.

For centuries, wine lovers placed great value on the origins of the wine and where the grapes were grown. The place of origin gives the grapes a unique trait. This fact is known as the terroir. The region is the appellation.

Canada now recognizes eight appellations or wine making regions: Ontario’s three- Lake Erie North Shore, Niagara Peninsula, and Prince Edward County; and Nova Scotia, Okanagan, Similkameen, Naramata Bench, and Vancouver Island.

The canned wine project grew as it progressed. Greg soon found the need to establish more partners, so he called Lucian and Philip to partner with him. Lucian and Philip were Greg’s former students when he was still teaching at Niagara University. Both were extremely eager on the prospect and quickly joined.

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