9 Bottles of Wine

9 Bottles of Wine

Not all wines are created the same. Each kind has its own distinct flavor and unique characteristics. Anyone who wants to be a wine enthusiast should know how to identify the different kinds simply by smelling and tasting them.

Sparkling Wine

People who enjoy this clearly has an exquisite taste. This type of wine originated in France, and is synonymous to champagne, which is quite pricey. If you want the more affordable sparkling wine, set your eyes on Cava, or Prosecco.

Light-Bodied White Wine

For an easy drink, this dry white wine is one of the most common choices for many. They are easy to pair with because they go perfectly well with most food. Savory lovers often choose Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc over the other types of wine.

Full-Bodied White Wine

This is a popular alternative for red wine lovers. Its rich, smooth taste, and subtle creaminess makes it more appealing. This type of wine involves a special technique, sort of like oak-aging whiskeys. One classic choice for this type of wine is Chardonnay.More detail about wine click Here

Aromatic Sweet White Wine

Moscato is something worth trying. It’s made of aromatic grapes that’s why its smell is pretty explosive, almost like a perfume but with a hint of sweetness. It was said that Cleopatra loved this type of wine.

Rose Wine

This type of wine comes from many different grapes, and has a pale red color. Rose wine’s subtle elegant flavors give it a classic taste.

Light-Bodied Red Wine

Like rose wine, this type is also pale in color. This is one of the most loved wines because of its light taste.

Medium-Bodied Red Wine

This is most often referred to as the “food wine”. It has a lot of flavors and zest. Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Barbera belong to this classification.

Full-Bodied Red Wine

These are the deepest and darkest reds of the group. They are best paired with juicy steaks.
A very bold wine like Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect example of a full-bodied red wine.

Dessert Wine

This kind of wine is intensely flavored and can be aromatic. Try the Sauternais-styled wine to get a feel of what dessert wine really is.

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